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jay-z's kingdom come: an overview

When Jay-Z announced that The Black Album would be his last album, many felt abandoned, some thought it was long overdue but majority felt he was joking. He can’t quit, they mused. He said it himself, ‘Can’t leave rap alone, the game needs me!’ However, in an interview with XXL (December 2003), he said he may release another album in 2 or 3 years but at that point was uninspired by rap so was done. Many missed that and that is why his un-retirement has been heavily scrutinized. Anyway, 3 years, a Roc-A-Fella breakup, an R. Kelly bust up, a Linkin Park collaboration, a Def Jam Presidency, a slew of guest appearances, a Nas reconciliation, a Cristal boycott and a World Tour later, the apparent CEO of Hip Hop is back with a brand new album, Kingdom Come.

The question must be asked though, what more does Hov possibly have to say? In a 10 year run that saw him release 8 albums (not including the Streets Is Watching soundtrack, MTV Unplugged, two Best of Both Worlds albums with R. Kelly and Collision Course with Linkin Park), win numerous awards and garner upwards of 20 million in sales, he’s ‘been through it all and done it all.’ So what really is the reason for his return after the world had gotten used to his absence? Was it that Dr. Dre phone call and ‘gift package’? The overwhelming response from his trip around the globe? The South’s ‘takeover’ of hip hop? While all these questions most likely be answered in the positive, it can all be summed up in two words… the love!

After hearing his first single back, “Show Me What You Got” though, many were in serious doubt as to whether he still had it like he once did. Jay-Z loyalists even had to question President Carter’s reasoning for releasing this single as several reckoned it paled in comparison to his previous efforts. Alleged haters concluded that it was garbage and it clearly indicated how he now relied on his name to sell music and not on the actual songs themselves. Regardless of all the feedback – positive and negative – the fact still remains that Gloria’s youngest is back in the booth and his 9th album’s coming. Hate it or love it.

The following is a breakdown of the tracks and what they appear to be saying. This is not from an inside source at Roc-A-Fella or something but merely what the writer has grasped from listening to the tracks. Also, this should not be mistaken as a review either. That will follow shortly. Get your mind right people.

The Prelude
The (almost) prerequisite intro. He basically tells the story (again) of how he got to where he is, coming from where he’s coming from. He reminds you of how he’s not a rapper, he’s a hustler. It just happens he knows how to rap (see “Intro/A Million and One Questions/Rhyme No More” from In My Lifetime, vol.1). It features an interesting story telling verse but personally, I think this was the perfect opportunity to bring Pain In Da Ass back: “Okay, I’m reloaded!”

Oh My God
The ‘yep, I done did it again’ track. Basically, this is to tell you (again) that Jay is the man and like Hammer, “U Can’t Touch This.” Like we needed another reminder, really.

Kingdom Come
The title track cum ‘taking New York back’ song. With the South’s apparent takeover of hip hop, which rightfully belongs to New York, hence signaling the death of the art form, ‘King Hov’ takes it upon himself to bring hip hop, New York and Jay-Z the emcee back. He’s Superman, Spiderman and Batman rolled into one on this one.

Show Me What You Got
The ‘I still got this’ cum lead single. Jay-Z at his braggadocious best. You’ve seen the video, right? This is done to cancel any doubts that the flow is platinum and the kid is diamond. A two for one special as a playful track that screams he isn’t playing. In essence, another ‘ya’ll ain’t messing with Hov’ track.

Lost Ones featuring Chrissette Michelle
As the intro says, “It’s not a dis song, it’s just a real song.” This track was made to set the record straight. The first verse summarizes the dissolution of Roc-A-Fella with his partners. The second verse has the world concluding it is for Beyonce as she is the obvious choice but if that is the case, then they have either broken up or broke up at some point in the past. Another chick pre-B, perhaps? Rosario Dawson, maybe? And the final verse addresses the guilt he feels regarding the death of his nephew in the jeep he bought him.

Do U Wanna Ride? featuring John Legend
The ‘keep ya head up’ cum ‘I got you homey!’ song. This is a letter, or as Jay puts it ‘an open scribe through the airwaves’, to his incarcerated homeboy/cousin Emory (not sure of the spelling there) Jones, talking of how they came up and what has happened since he got locked up and how he has got his back when he is released.

30 Something
The ‘maturation of Jay-Z Zee’. The song separating him from the current hit makers highlighting that he’s grown now, so can’t do the things he used to do before. As he says, 30s the new 20!

I Made It

A song for mama. Reminding his mother of how he promised her he’d take care of her and the family one day. A tribute to Gloria Carter for raising him right in essence.

Anything featuring Pharrell & Usher
The ‘let’s try something different’ track. This is one for (about) the ladies and he gets the heartthrobs to ride with him on this one. It features an interesting Neptunes beat.

Hollywood featuring Beyonce
The (apparently) prerequisite ‘me and my girlfriend’ track. Hov and B hook up for the 7th time (on wax that is) to bring you more syrupy, back and forth vocals. This time around they highlight the ups and downs, highs and lows; and the good, the bad and the ugly of the entertainment capital of the world.

The ‘it ain’t my fault’ record. He addresses the issues surrounding him from the Def Jam Presidency, to his relationship with Beyonce, the alleged baby by Free and beef with other rappers amongst other things. Like the hook goes: “I tried to pretend that I’m different but we’re all the same.”

Dig a Hole featuring Sterling Simms
The ‘do you know who I am’ cum dis record. A response track to rappers calling him out but primarily ex-employee Cam’Ron. “Dig a hole, g’head, bury yourself.”

Minority Report featuring Ne-Yo
The (seemingly) prerequisite ‘conscious’ song. Jay plays the responsible, concerned celebrity with this politically charged track that not only calls out the government and powers-that-be but also looks inwards to accept his own guilt.

Beach Chair featuring Chris Martin of Coldplay
The ‘out of this world’ cum ‘never saw it coming’ collaboration. He has touched on them being friends for a minute so this was inevitable. The song is a letter to his unborn child, or maybe children as he speaks to/on both sexes.

So that is, in essence, what to expect from Kingdom Come, the ‘comeback’ album of Mr. Roc-A-Fella. Fourteen tracks on a personal level but pretty much along the same lines as The Black Album. No guest rappers, all sixteens spat by Hov himself a la the aforementioned album. It is now left to be seen what happens when the Kingdom officially comes on November 21.

“New York, New York we back!”

Look for the record review coming soon.

well done Don Chi. Superman...superfreak...freakazoid lol


Superman...superfreak...freakazoid? You know about the super sperm too?

thank you

First of apology accepted, I guess being the extra special person you are you had to give an extra special apology... I am sure you noticed I'm back to the world of msn chatting (YEAH we can make music again with our keyboards... YAY!!!)

As for your review, I think its a good one. I enjoyed it. I am considering getting the album. I am impressed with jay z's first single. I like the fact that it was a combination of two genres (jazz and hip-hop), I mean you dont see that everyday. Anywho in a nutshell big up to jay and cheech.

blah, blah, whatever :p You know u couldn't stay away ;)

unless you have read the review now and that is what you are talking about, I pointed out that this is an overview (preview even?) but I will say it is a very enjoyable album.


EHEN! Cheech its me you are telling blah blah and I cant stay away ehn ehn (KICK)!!!

Look album overview, album review. album preview same thing like really what is the difference?

Also remember spiderwoman can kick super man's ass any day.... hmmm maybe NOT (LOL)!!

ALL love though mwah!

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